Axpona 2024

April 12 - 14

Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center | Schaumburg, IL

This year, Upscale Audio will be at five locations at Axpona. We will have an extra large Ear Gear booth (#8217), three rooms with live audio systems (1242, 1243, 1245), and one static display room (1244). Come and meet the team, comprising Kevin Deal, Ash Nashraf, Ken Davis, Alex Brinkman, Chris Landfield, Jake Spencer, and Jordan Perez. We will be joined by Dr. Paul Mills and Anji Sosna from Fyne Audio, along with David Schultz and David Weintraub from Harmonia Distribution.

Cabasse Active Demo

Room 1242

Come hear how this French company will utterly transform your perception of all-in-one systems. A proven hi-fi showstopper!

PrimaLuna/Fyne Audio Active Demo

Room 1243

Our high-end setup shows off a tube DAC with hybrid amplification and ultra-modern point source magic.

Pathos/Fyne Audio Active Demo

Room 1245

Our flagship setup! Experience the might of Italian amplification with Fyne Audio’s most massive speaker. Come meet the designer of the speakers, Dr. Paul Mills.

Ear Gear Expo

Booth 8217

The best tube and solid-state amps can be heard with a carefully matched selection of headphones.

Cables Supplied By Cardas

Thanks to Cardas for hooking our team up with all the cables we need in our demo rooms!

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