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Sbooster AIB Bluesound NODE Connection Kit

Sbooster AIB Bluesound NODE Connection Kit

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  • Why Bluesound NODE Owners Need This Upgrade! Sbooster AIB First Look with Upscale Audio's Kevin Deal

    Replace the power board inside your Bluesound NODE with the Sbooster AIB (an easy and reversible change) and you can now use a 5 V Sbooster external linear power supply to drastically improve the sound of this amazing entry-level streaming DAC.

Sbooster Active Interface Board Bluesound Upgrade Kit

Add a linear power supply to your Bluesound and take the performance up several levels. Easy install and easily reversible. 

Note: The AIB installs inside the Bluesound NODE, and you will need a 5-6 V Sbooster (bought separately) to power it.

Now, Bluesound NODE owners can add clean Sbooster power to the streaming DAC and greatly elevate performance. Sbooster's Active Interface Board (AIB) is used in conjunction with the 5-6 V Sbooster, and is designed to be a "maximalist" internal power supply for the 2021 NODE, also known as the Node N130.

The AIB improves on literally every aspect of the stock power supply circuit, starting at the power connector. It uses Sbooster's special C8 connector with gold-plated pins, hand-picked audio-grade components, and silver-plated OCC wires. The two-layer gold-plated PCB is made in Bulgaria.

Triple anti-oscillation circuits stabilize both the AIB and NODE's internal power rails and an advanced central grounding point creates a pure reference for the circuits. In addition, the Sbooster Decoy V2 is used to move internal RFI away from the audio circuitry.

The Super NODE

The AIB sits inside the Bluesound NODE, and installation is easy and reversible, involving only a screwdriver. This "super NODE" is now powered using the 5-6 V Sbooster BOTW P&P Eco MkII. Enjoy a profound upgrade to this renowned streaming DAC, one that Wiebren Draaijer, owner/developer at Sbooster says is a highly detailed sound with a 3D soundstage and powerful, deep bass response.

"In our opinion, we have lifted the playback quality of the Bluesound Node N130 to a level that is on par with music streamers that are many times more expensive," says Weibren.


  • Sbooster-style C8 connector with gold-plated pins
  • High-purity silver-plated OCC wire
  • Gold-plated PCB connector terminals
  • Dual-stage non-inductive low-pass filter
  • High-performance active filter
  • High-performance hybrid capacitors
  • Two-layer 2 oz gold-plated PCB with low impedance, made in Bulgaria