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Pathos InPol Legacy Integrated Amplifier

Pathos InPol Legacy Integrated Amplifier

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  • Kat & Kevin Unbox the First Pathos Inpol Legacy Amp

    We'll be making a detailed review video with everything you need to know about this behemoth. In the mean time, enjoy a first look at this >300lb monster class A amp.

Pathos InPol Legacy Integrated Amplifier

A fully balanced, 100 W class A, dual-monaural hybrid with 2 x ECC803s and a 6H30 input stage and dual InPol output stage. Made in Italy.

The InPol Legacy Integrated Amplifier is this Italian hi-fi genius' flagship product, incorporating all of its best innovations and breakthroughs learned over its 25-year history. The heart of the InPoL Legacy is Pathos' patented dual InPoL technology, in bridged configuration, combined with a tube stage.

It is named the Legacy because it represents the "ideal legacy" of Gaetano Zanini, co-founder, and owner of Pathos. With this amp, Pathos set itself the goal of making the best Pathos integrated amplifier ever, one that would match, if not surpass, the InPower and Adrenalin power amplifiers.

Says Gaetano, "In designing the new InPoL Legacy, we, therefore, set no limits on ourselves – primarily concerning weight and size, which we have previously tried to limit."

The result? A 308-lb, steamer-trunk-sized giant with a sound that is both big and soaring but also controlled and delicate. As Pathos says, "Even large excursions in intensity are sensitive to the smallest variations."

The result is pure Pathos: a huge, dynamic sound that is also smooth and fatigue-free. 

What is InPol? 

Think of the directness of SET with the control and damping of solid state. Pathos' patented and unique InPol technology allows the tube input stage to effectively drive your speakers with no further amplification. A dual InPol circuit delivers the low impedance and high current needed for a high damping factor, allowing for immense control over your loudspeaker drivers. The dual setup also doubles output power while maintaining a low footprint.

The polarization is pure class A to avoid crossover distortion. InPoL technology allows the theoretical pure class A efficiency to be increased from 25% to 50%. 

The Legacy of Legacy

InPoL Legacy is a fully balanced dual-mono amplifier. The power supply comes from Adrenalin and InPower, with one capacitive inductive filter per channel. The two toroidal power transformers are the largest Pathos has ever made, keeping in mind the brief to set no limits on this design.

The power supply to the tube input stage is separate, with a toroidal transformer for each channel. The tubes are in a totem pull configuration, using two ECC803s TungSol tubes, and one 6H30 per channel. 

The 100-step passive volume is adjusted by low-noise precision resistors using insulated relay switches. Input and output connections are Neutrik and WBT. Given the weight, Pathos engineers have designed special packaging with wheels to make it easy to move and set up the amp.


Power Output (8 ohm, 4 ohm): 100 W, 170 W

Type: Fully balanced, pure class A, double Inpol technology

Inputs: 3 x line RCA, 3 x line XLR

Dimensions: 21.25" x 31.5" x 11.8"

Weight: 309 lb (140 kg)