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T+A Elektroakustik

T+A Elektroakustik HA 200 Headphone Amplifier / DAC

T+A Elektroakustik HA 200 Headphone Amplifier / DAC

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T+A Elektroakustik HA 200 Headphone Amplifier / DAC

A powerful amp with selectable impedance, high-end DAC, and a number of digital and analog inputs.

T+A Elektroakustik's first headphone amplifier bases the analog section on top-of-the-line T+A HV technology. The high-performance output stages operate in Class-A mode with a high idle current, and will effortlessly drive even the most difficult headphones. There are three headphone outputs, and their impedances can be matched to your chosen headphones. A crossfeed function is available on request. A robust power section uses two separate toroidal transformers for the digital and analog sections, and both have generous reserves of power.

The digital section of the HA 200 takes its tech from the T+A DAC 200, using the same proprietary T+A True 1-bit DSD processor, which provides an incredible DSD 1024, and the T+A quadruple converter with 32 Bit / 768 kHz for PCM. These two decoder architectures are completely separate, ensuring that all digital formats are decoded to the finest standards.

As with all T+A components, the HA 200 will probably surprise you with its weight. In addition to the large number of quality components, the chassis of the HA 200 is hewn from thick aluminum with the front panel machined from a solid plate. Accurate QPPM metering instruments and a large screen supply important system information, and provide an accurate indication of operating conditions. The FM8 IR remote control controls all functions of the HA 200.


The wide range of connections is controlled by a very sophisticated system, making the HA 200 intuitive to use and excellent sounding. The two VU meters (QPPM = Quasi Peak Programme Meter Type 1) are not just for show, but are accurate and can be used in studio applications. The level at the D/A converter and the amplifier can both be displayed, as can input level and output level, temperature, and stream quality (which can be used to check the frequency of the data stream and even the cable quality). The sharp display can also show output impedance, volume, data rate, oversampling filter type, or crossfeed. Brightness and color are adjustable.

Inputs & Outputs

Sound quality can be fine-tuned by selecting different output impedances for each output (6.3 mm, 4.4 mm Pentaconn, XLR 4-pin), and crossfeed-mode can also be switched in. The XLR 4-pin output can be used to drive the T+A AMP 8, so the HA 200 can integrate seamlessly with a speaker system.

In addition to high-quality analog inputs, a number of (equally high-quality) digital inputs allow the use of various sources. The USB-B inputs are based on the new high-resolution Thesycon chip, which can process up to DS 1025 and PCM 768. There are professional-grade AES/EBU and BNC sockets, as well as optical and coaxial SPDIF. In addition, there's AptX™ HD Bluetooth, and the option to add two HDMI inputs (stereo only), and one output ARC. 


Headphone Outputs: 6.3 mm, 4.4 mm Pentaconn, XLR-4 pin

Impedance Selection: 8, 12, 18, 25, 40, 80 ohm

Digital Inputs: AES, 2 x coax, 2 x optical, BNC, 2 x USD audio, Bluetooth

Dimensions: 4" x 12.6" x 13.4" (10 × 32 × 34 cm)

Weight: 14.4 lb (6.5 kg)