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AudioQuest Niagara 1200 + NRG-Y3 Bundle

AudioQuest Niagara 1200 + NRG-Y3 Bundle

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AudioQuest Power Bundle: Niagara 1200 Power Conditioner + NRG-Y3 Power Cable, 2 m

Read about the personal experience with this bundle of one of the Upscale Audio team here.

Featuring two high-current and five linear filtered outlets the 1200 packs the same technology as the 5000 and 7000 in a sleek enclosure

The most obvious difference between the Niagaras 1000 and 1200, other than the 1200’s gorgeous textured bright finish, are the more universally useful shape and surprisingly substantial weight. The 1200 can now sit on a shelf like a component, with all the in and out cables in the back. It can be used ‘face’ down with the outlets in the air, fitting much better in the space between furniture and the wall. And, the 1200 is designed to stand on one end. 100% of the performance in a more useful package – and a reasonable price.

Designed by Garth Powell, the Niagara 1200 embodies the very same design philosophy and incorporates the same patented technology found in its larger siblings, the Niagara 5000 and Niagara 7000, but packs it into a smaller, sleeker enclosure—at a fraction of the price.

Much like the Niagara 5000 and 7000, the Niagara 1200 uses ultra-low resistance solid-core wiring optimized for low-noise directionality, capacitor forming technologies that vastly improve linearity and minimize distortion, and low-impedance AC inlet and outlet contacts with heavy silver plating over high-purity Beryllium Copper for superior noise dissipation. Similarly, Niagara 1200 features our non-sacrificial surge protection, patented Ground Noise-Dissipation technology, and over-voltage shutdown. The Niagara 1200’s non-sacrificial protection circuits ensure that your system is thoroughly protected from AC surges and spikes, and the Niagara 1200 protects itself—no damage, no down time. Set it and forget it.

The Niagara 1200 employs AudioQuest’s patented Ground-Noise Dissipation System and Linear Noise-Dissipation Technology and fits seven high-performance outlets into its sleek cabinet-friendly chassis. Input current maximum capacity is 15 amps RMS in the 1200.

  •  7 AC outlets: 2 High-Current; 5 Linear Filtered
  • Patented Ground Noise-Dissipation System: All outlets: 2 banks of direction-controlled ground noise-dissipation
  • Direction-Controlled Ultra-Low-Resistance Solid-Core Wiring
  • Ultra-Linear AudioQuest AC RF Filtering Capacitors
  • Linear Noise-Dissipation Technology: More than 18 octaves of AC differential filtering with linear response, optimized for varying line and load impedance
  • Non-Sacrificial Surge Protection: Withstands multiple AC surges and spikes up to 6000V/3000A without sustaining damage
  • Over-Voltage Shutdown with Automatic Reset
  • Low-Z (low impedance) NRG Series Silver/Beryllium AC Power Inlets and Outlets

Discover the huge improvement that comes from using a perfectly matched power cable with this rave-reviewed power conditioner.

The Niagara 1200 brings so much of the high performance of the higher end power conditioners that we regularly hear back from customers letting us know they are now believers, and now understand why a power conditioner is an essential part of a modern hi-fi system.

AudioQuest power conditioners work with any power cable of course, but to get every last benefit of the circuit, a matching AudioQuest power cable can't be matched. For example, the NRG-Y3 functions as a seamless extension of the ground noise dissipation circuit, ensuring that all extraneous currents are diverted away from the system into the ground circuit of your home.