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AudioQuest PowerQuest 505 Power Conditioner

AudioQuest PowerQuest 505 Power Conditioner

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AudioQuest PowerQuest 505 Power Conditioner

A 12-outlet (4 high-current) rack-mountable unit with 19 octaves of Ultra-Linear Noise Dissipation. Comes with power cord.

AudioQuest brings its legendary noise dissipation and power correction to a new range of conditioners with a dozen outlets and rack ears, making it perfect for multizone setups, home automation, and discreet home cinema systems. 

How do the PowerQuest 303, 505, and 707 compare?

All three are the same size, and have the same number of outlets: 4 high-current, and 8 linear filtered. The entry-level 305 comes with the PQ-415 solid LGC (long-grain copper cable), while the other two come with the PQ-715 solid LGC cable which uses ZERO-Tech and RF/ND-Tech which offer uncompressed current transfer and cancel induced RF noise respectively.

The 303 and 505 offer 19 octaves of AudioQuest's Linear Noise-Dissipation, while the 707 offers 20 octaves. In addition, the 707 offers 45 A of Transient Power Correction giving amplifiers excellent transient response. 

This series of power conditioners is best suited to hidden home cinemas, multizone systems, and other distributed audio setups. For serious two-channel systems, always consider the AudioQuest Niagara series of power conditioners.


Dimensions (WHD): 17" x 3.4" x 13.4"

Weight: 10.8 lb.