AudioQuest Type 5 Speaker Cable

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AudioQuest Type 5 Speaker Cable (Pair)

A 15-gauge PSC+ and LGC full-range speaker cable

When Type 4 was introduced about 1983, it wasn’t the prettiest cable, but the performance advantage of its polypropylene insulation was dramatic and much appreciated. Several evolutionary steps later, the current version of Type 4 was introduced in 1995—a design whose foundation is so well balanced that it hasn’t changed since then—and still isn’t changing.

Types 5 is essentially Type 4 with better metal, and with conductors that are a little farther apart, reducing interaction between adjacent conductors by 35%.


  • Solid perfect-surface copper and long-grain copper conductors
  • Noise dissipation using carbon loading, and direction-controlled conductors
  • Balanced star-quad geometry reduces time-smearing while preserving dynamics and clarity


Metal: Perfect-surface copper plus (PSC+), long-grain copper (LGC)

Gauge: 15 AWG

Geometry: Star-quad

Noise dissipation: Carbon based