AudioQuest Folk Hero Series Robin Hood ZERO Speaker Cable

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AudioQuest Folk Hero Series Robin Hood ZERO Speaker Cable (Pair) 

A 15-gauge PSC+ cable to be used alone (full-range), or in combination with the Robin Hood BASS cable in a biwire setup

The Folk Hero Series uses all of the same technology as the Mythical Creature Series, just with fewer conductors.

Building on a solid base of tried and true AudioQuest technologies, the design team of Garth Powell and Bill Low specifically focused on addressing one of the most vexing issues plaguing speaker cable design: the mismatch between the amplifier’s source impedance and the speaker’s load impedance. By eliminating the speaker cable’s characteristic impedance (ZERO Technology), current compression and distortion of the signal/current transient are significantly reduced. The result is dynamic contrast, transient response, and bass slam that are rendered seemingly without effort, because the cable is not electrically impeding the music.

Robin Hood ZERO can be used by itself as a full-range cable or combined with the BASS cable for a full bi-wire set up. If your speakers can take bi-wire cabling (i.e. they have four connectors on the back with a jumper), but your amp has only one set of speaker output terminals (no speaker A and B), then consider the Robin Hood biWire COMBO which offers two cables with a total of four connectors for the speakers, but they combine into two connectors for the amp.


Metal: Solid perfect-surface copper plus (PSC+)

Gauge: 15 AWG

Geometry: ZERO Tech

Noise-dissipation: Multi-layer carbon based