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AudioQuest Thunderbird Interconnect

AudioQuest Thunderbird Interconnect

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AudioQuest Thunderbird Interconnect

Perfect-Surface Copper+ with FEP Air-Tube dielectric, DBS, and ZERO-Tech.

Mythical Creatures represent a big leap in AudioQuest's neverending push to create the perfectly transparent cable. The company has never pretended that any cable can make a system sound better, only that it can do the least amount of harm, and let your system sound exactly as it was designed.

ZERO-Tech: Unprecedented RF Noise-Dissipation

AudioQuest’s ZERO-Tech (No Characteristic-Impedance) virtually eliminates component-to-cable impedance mismatch distortion, yielding an unprecedented clarity that is totally linear across the audio band and at all signal levels.


Signal-Conducting Metal: Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+)

RF-Draining Metal: Solid Silver-Plated Copper

Geometry: ZERO-Tech (No Characteristic Impedance)

Dielectric: FEP Air-Tubes for minimal signal interference

Dielectric-Bias System: 72v DBS 

Level 6 Noise-Dissipation: ZERO-Tech + 72v DBS + Carbon/Graphene Mesh-Network + Direction-Controlled

Plug Barrels: Copper-plated RF-draining

Plug Contacts: Hanging-silver over red copper