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AudioQuest Pegasus Interconnect

AudioQuest Pegasus Interconnect

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AudioQuest Pegasus Interconnect

A PSC+ cable with Zero-Tech, 6% silver-plated drain wires, 72 V DBS, and copper-plated plugs.

AudioQuest's Zero-Tech, or zero characteristic impedance, brings much of the magic of Mythical Creatures (ThunderBird, FireBird, and Dragon) to the Mythical Horses series.

Pegasus keeps Zero-Tech goodness in a single round cable, not needing the externally visible separate constructions needed to keep the higher end cables flexible. This is still an extremely complex cable, featuring several of AudioQuest's acclaimed design elements that work together to reduce distortion and efficiently dissipate radio-frequency noise. These include: direction-controlled Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+) conductors, the carbon/graphene mesh network, 6% silver-plated RF drain wires, copper-plated plug casings, and hanging-silver over red-copper plugs.

The RCA version of Pegasus uses a single 72v DBS pack, and a Dual-DBS pack (2x 72v in a single case) with the XLR version.

About Zero-Tech

The only way to avoid characteristic-impedance mismatch-effects between a cable and its attached source and load circuits is to prevent the cable from having a characteristic-impedance. Zero-Tech succeeds by eliminating the electrostatic field between the cable’s high and low signal conductors, enabling linear (consistent octave to octave) Radio-Frequency (RF) Noise-Dissipation, and uncompressed transients.


Signal-Conducting Metal: Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ (PSC+)

RF-Draining Metal: 6% silver-plated copper

Geometry: ZERO-Tech (No Characteristic Impedance)

Dielectric: FEP 

Level 6 Noise-Dissipation: ZERO-Tech + Carbon/Graphene Mesh-Network + Direction-Controlled + 72 V Dielectric Bias System

Plug Barrels: Copper-plated RF-draining

Plug Contacts: Hanging silver over red copper