Nordost Ax Angel Speaker Cable (pair)

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Nordost Ax Angel Speaker Cable (pair)

Originally designed for high-end pro audio with Nordost's monofilament technology and 16-gauge conductor. Limited quantities available for a ridiculously low price!

Pro audio and high-end audio have similar concerns: signal purity, low noise, reliability. Balanced circuits, for example, were developed for pro audio, and then enthusiastically adopted by audiophiles. 

Nordost developed this very special cable for the demanding high-end pro-audio market. With great care, they have been able to include Nordost's celebrated monofilament technology, normally only seen at the Heimdall 2 level.

The monofilament is a carefully wound FEP wire that drastically minimizes conductor contact with the dielectric, resulting in a virtual air environment (air being a near-perfect dielectric). It also delivers excellent mechanical damping and ensures superb geometrical precision. 

In addition, the conductor gauge is 16 AWG which is seen only at the Red Dawn level. Check out the price on this cable! What a deal.

This is an extremely limited offer, with Nordost making the cable to order only in three lengths.