Nordost Blue Heaven Ethernet Cable

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Nordost Blue Heaven Ethernet Cable

Individually shielded 24 AWG solid-core copper conductors in a precision cable that's designed, manufactured, and terminated in the USA

Drop induced noise, lower jitter, and improve the sound of your digital audio system by lowering the noise floor and reducing network component processing. The Blue Heaven Ethernet Cable is comprised of eight 24 AWG, polymer insulated, solid-core copper conductors, arranged in a twisted pair design. These pairs are individually shielded before the bundle is wrapped in two additional layers of braided shielding. This screened foiled twisted pair (s/ftp) design fully eliminates cross-talk while improving noise resistance and maintaining the integrity of data files being transferred over long distances.

The Blue Heaven Ethernet Cable is designed, manufactured, and terminated in the USA. Provided with factory-terminated, shielded 8P8C/RJ45 connectors, this cable assures that no loss is incurred in the field. Each cable is constructed with the quality of fabrication, precision, and consistency needed to ensure a guaranteed improvement over standard issue, mass-produced, low precision Ethernet cables.