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Nordost 4 Flat Speaker Speaker Cable (pair)

Nordost 4 Flat Speaker Speaker Cable (pair)

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Nordost 4 Flat Speaker Speaker Cable (pair)

The flat design not only offers great sound quality and low signal loss, but makes the cable easy to install discreetly. A bi-wired version of 2 Flat 

Nordost's groundbreaking flat speaker cable design ensures the low inductance and capacitance necessary to create truly state-of-the-art cables. The excellent sound quality and low signal loss make 4 Flat ideal for both hifi and home theater applications. It is the same cable as 2 Flat but offered in a bi-wire version for loudspeakers that offer the option.

Now it's easy to conceal long runs of surround speaker cables. The 4 Flat can easily be installed under carpet, pushed under baseboards, cut into walls and then seamlessly spackled over, and even buried underground.


Insulation: Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)

Conductors: 4 x 18 AWG

Material: 99.9999% OFC

Capacitance: 7 pF/ft

Inductance: 0.17 μH/ft

Velocity of Propagation: 90%