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Nordost QRT QB8 Mk II Power Distribution Block

Nordost QRT QB8 Mk II Power Distribution Block

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Quantum by Nordost QRT QB8 Mk II Power Distribution block

Providing excellent solutions for treating AC power and yielding cleaner, clearer, more natural sound, the eight-outlet Quantum QB8 QBASE MkII power conditioner is substantially upgraded over the original version and delivers even better performance. Now outfitted with enhanced connectors for increased connectivity, customized frame-plate housing for finer mechanical stability, a higher-quality PC board that accommodate higher currents, a dedicated installed fuse for over-current protection, and four updated feet that allow for greater contact surface and a wider stance, the four-outlet QB4 QBASE MkII operates as a superb foundation for both small and medium-sized systems. With QB8 QBASE MkII, you'll experience a lower noise floor, heightened imaging, wider and deeper soundstages, sharper details, superior pacing, and outstanding dynamics.

Establishing a solid foundation is key to achieving great sound. As such, Quantum's QBASE products have been providing unique and uncompromising solutions for the treatment of AC power for the better part of a decade. QB8 MkII combines a simplistic principle and a sophisticated design to establish the ideal grounding method: starearth topology. By creating a tiny lift in the earth impedance of all but one of the output sockets, starearth topology allows the signal to directly connect to a clean ground terminal, providing the lowest-possible AC supply impedance without any form of inline filtering or active circuitry. This stellar power conditioners bring an organized, coherent framework to music, allowing you to truly experience the intricacies and imaging in every performance. QB8 MkII is intended to be used in conjunction with one or more QX power purifiers, QV2 AC Line Harmonizers, and QK1 AC Enhancers.

QB8 MkII units provide all of the elements and benefits of the original QBASE with several marked improvements:

  • Connectors: The IEC input and the US (NEMA) connectors are upgraded to new, more durable connectors that maintain better connectivity after extended use.
  • Frame Plate: A customized “frame plate” housing for the connectors improves the mechanical stability.
  • PC Board: Enhanced PC boards are upgraded to include heavier traces, designed to accommodate higher currents.
  • Dedicated Fuse: An installed dedicated fuse provides overcurrent protection of the source circuit and prevents system damage caused by overheating.
  • Feet: Four upgraded fixed stabilizing feet have greater contact surface and a wider stance to provide stability on hard surfaces.

Dimensions (WHD): 460 x 67 x 120 mm