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Nordost QRT QPoint Resonance Synchronizer

Nordost QRT QPoint Resonance Synchronizer

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Nordost QRT QPoint Resonance Synchronizer


The first and most immediately identifiable change to the sound is its coherence; the music sounds more ‘right’ and musicians sound more like they are playing together with QPoints in place. After that, you tend to notice an increased sense of dynamic freedom to the sound, a little like your amp and loudspeakers increased in size and power handling. This isn’t ‘wayward’, but more precisely controlled, with more broad, dynamic force. ...  If the audio components are the cake, proper cabling and physical and electrical grounding are the icing, then QPoint and QSource is the cherry on top.


Audiophiles are accustomed to optimizing components, cabling, power, vibration control, etc. However, there is an element present in every system that has been chronically neglected until now: electromechanical resonance.

Every component in a sound system has several individually resonating parts within them. When these electromechanical resonances oscillate concurrently, but not in unison, these discordant vibrations become a source of electrical noise, resulting in smeared, muddy sound. The QPOINT eliminates this internal electrical noise, enhancing coherency and timing.

The QPOINT Resonance Synchronizer emits a subtle field which manipulates all electromechanical resonances within its immediate proximity so that they resonate in unison with each other. In order to accommodate its effects to all of the various electronics in the industry, including but not limited to solid state or tube amplifiers, digital or analog source components, traditional line stages or modern digital processors, and even to tailor results to the personal preferences of the user, the QPOINT has been designed with two modes. Mode I and II each generate unique resonances, which emphasize different musical characteristics as they lower the noise floor. Users can switch from Mode I to Mode II instantaneously to evaluate which sonic properties fit the needs of each unique electronic device in their hi-fi system.

Nordost’s QPOINT Resonance Synchronizer ensures your electronics are all working in concert, in order to enhance the coherency, articulation, and musical structure of your system.


DC power input: 5 V, 1 A

Weight: 0.9 lb

Dimensions: 5 x 1.02"