Rega Apollo CD Player

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Rega Apollo CD Player

[The Apollo-R is] about as good a reason to keep the faith with CD as I've heard sounds loud and proud, yet decently well-mannered, too.
...the Apollo-R adds extension and sock without compromising traits that made the original [Apollo] so wonderful...After hearing a few discs on the Apollo-R, it’s amazing to think about how far digital has come. Such performance would have cost thousands more at the turn of the century.
It describes a spacious, airy soundstage that's convincingly three-dimensional. It extracts plenty of detail, gives the low frequencies weight and solidity, and has sufficient dynamism to deal confidently with the peaks and troughs of the performance.

Everything You Loved About the Original Apollo CD Player and Much More

Rega's Apollo CD player set many new standards for what an affordable CD player was capable of achieving, and the new Apollo-R raises them further. The Apollo-R updates the classic Apollo design with upgraded electronics and build.

The DAC, output amplifier, power supply, optical block, and many more components have been enhanced, so the smooth delivery of the original remains, with an added sense of space and timing. Increased error correction and quicker loading time ensure a seamless listening experience. The improved user interface control allows for greater ease of control over the Apollo-R's functions, and a new dedicated CD remote handset adds the advantage of Rega amplifier functionality. The Apollo-R is a top loading design housed in a custom compact aluminum case matching the Rega DAC and Brio-R amplifier, and is available in both black or satin silver finish.