Kuzma Stogi 9" Gimbaled Tonearm

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Kuzma Stogi 9" Gimbaled Tonearm

A rigid, medium-mass tonearm with precision ball-bearings. The main frame and all other parts are machined from solid aluminum and brass

Kuzma tonearms are carefully engineered for the greatest or lowest mass where needed, and the highest rigidity along with the lowest resonance and friction. The extremely precise steel ball bearing are used in gyroscopes and have extremely low starting friction and running noise levels. Each bearing is factory vacuum sealed with its own serial number, with two used each for horizontal and vertical movement. Most parts are glued, for rigidity and damping.


Effective length: 229 mm

Arm-mount distance: 212 mm

Distance from spindle to horizontal bearing: 212 mm

Bearing type: Precise ball bearing

Effective mass: 12 g

Total mass: 870 g

Offset angle: 23 degrees

VTA adjustment: Yes

Tube: Straight

Bias: Yes

Max. standard cartridge weight: 15 g