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Kuzma 4Point 11-Inch Precision Tonearm

Kuzma 4Point 11-Inch Precision Tonearm

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Kuzma 4Point 11" Tonearm with Crystal Cable Silver/Gold wire & KLE Silver Bullet RCA Connectors

Kuzma 4Point produced the best performance from the Lyra Titan i that I've ever heard from it in my system: the best tracking, the best tonal balance, the best imaging, the best (and most remarkable) cleanness of vocal sibilants. The Lyra's bass performance was as deep, fast, and nimble as I've ever heard it, and its image solidity and soundstaging in general were also the best I've heard from this cartridge. The sound the 4Point produced had an immediacy, continuity, transparency, linearity, and freedom from mechanical artifice that, until now, I'd thought could be heard only from open-reel tape.


Overall, compared to [the original 4Point], the new 4Point with Kondo wire sounded with a bit less grain and edge for a more lifelike, less mechanical sound. Slightly richer tonality and more authentic articulation offered improved differentiation among musicians and instruments according to the record at play.

The heart of this new design is the unique 4-point bearing.  The 4Point from other tonearms by introducing several new and unique features. The new zero-play bearing is configured on 4 points. The 4POINT tonearm has an effective length of 280mm (11-inch), a very precise VTA adjustment facility and fits our standard mount with a 212mm pivot-to-spindle distance. Two points (which are similar to a uni-pivot bearing) allow and control vertical movements of the tonearm. The other set of two pointed bearings allow and control horizontal (lateral) movements of the tonearm. All four points of the bearing have minimal friction and zero-play in all planes of movement, thus ensuring that the cartridge platform and the cartridge itself follow the grooves of an LP with extremely low friction and minimal vibrations.


  • Bias adjustment
  • Optional light and heavy counterweight
  • Separate vertical and horizontal damping
  • Detachable headshell, with one spare provided
  • XLR, 5 pin, or single options


Effective length: 280 mm

Arm-mount distance: 212 mm

Distance from spindle to horizontal bearing: 264 mm

Bearing type: 4 points (sapphire and ruby cups/steel pivots)

Effective mass: 18 g

Total mass: 2,050 g

Offset angle: 19.5 degrees

VTA adjustment: Precise VTA tower

Azimuth adjustment: Precise worm drive

Tube: Conical

Max. standard cartridge weight: 35 g

Standard wiring: Silver, RCA bullets and RCA box

Accessories provided: Protractors, Allen keys, cartridge mounting screws