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Kuzma Stogi S 12 VTA - 12-Inch Tonearm with VTA Tower

Kuzma Stogi S 12 VTA - 12-Inch Tonearm with VTA Tower

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  • One of Kat's favorite tonearm brands!

    Kat with Kuzma arms for a long time, and here, she breaks down the Stogi S 12 VTA that comes with the 4Point headshell, on-the-fly VTA adjustment, brass base, and many more features and innovations seen on much higher end arms.

Kuzma Stogi S 12 VTA - 12-Inch Tonearm with VTA Tower

This Stogi version has a fully precise adjustable VTA tower fitting on the standard 9 inch tonearm distance. The Stogi S 12 VTA tonearm shares the main features of Stogi S & Stogi S 12 and 4Point tonearms, i.e. a unipivot bearing, headshell rigid construction and a unique VTA tower used in our best tonearms.

The whole construction is mounted on a rigid VTA tower which allows VTA ( vertical tracking angle) adjustment while playing, without any loss of rigidity, yet with up to 0.01 mm of precision with zero play and repeatability.

The tonearm fits standard size turntables, so there is no need to replace the turntable to experience the advantages of a longer tonearms and fine VTA adjustments.

Price includes mounting collar for non Kuzma turntables.


  • Azimuth adjustment
  • Optional light and heavy counterweight
  • Damping
  • XLR, 5 pin


Effective length: 304.8 mm

Arm-mount distance: 212 mm

Distance from spindle to horizontal bearing: 291 mm

Bearing type: Unipivot

Effective mass: 12 g

Total mass: 1,750 g

Offset angle: 17.8 degrees

VTA adjustment: Precise VTA tower

Tube: Straight

Max. standard cartridge weight: 15 g

Standard wiring: Copper, RCA bullets and RCA box

Accessories provided: Protractors, Allen keys, cartridge mounting screws