A Contemporary Speaker SO Worth this Heritage Badge

The Platinum Rush
This Tannoy could be the perfect budget speaker

Tannoy Platinum

At just over $1,000 a pair, the Tannoy Platinum F6 will make you dance around the room at how good it is.

Chris Landfield has a story about the Platinum F6. As a newly non-remote salesperson who moved to California from Rhode Island, he was taking time to listen to every loudspeaker we have on the demo room floor. After all, we don't sell stuff we haven't actually listened to, and while we have a constant rotation of electronics being shipped among our remote sales staff, loudspeakers need to wait until the salesperson is actually in the shop.

Chris set up our white-and-maple floor demo pair of the F6s and cranked up some bass-heavy tracks, amazed by how these speakers filled up our demo room. A customer who was in the store for a demo of a set of $20,000 speakers, stuck his head in the door, inexorably drawn in by how the female vocal of the track 'Seeya' from deadmau5's album While(1<2) floated above the dense, tight bass, all of it rendered with Tannoy's characteristic dynamic ease.

The awestruck customer asked how much the speakers were and Chris, still processing a lot of pricing, incorrectly said, "$2,000 for the pair."

"How can they sound this good?" the customer asked, clearly worrying now about his $20,000 purchase.

Chris assured him his $20,000 speakers would offer a lot more, and of course they did. At that level, you get scale, layering, detail, palpability, and soundstaging from a different planet. And though the customer decided to buy those $20,000 speakers, he hadn't forgotten the Platinums.

Chris found him later and apologized, saying he'd got the price wrong. "I thought sothey're way more expensive, aren't they?" said the customer.

"Nope," said Chris. "Way less. They're $1,190 for the pair."

Once more, the customer's jaw hit the floor.

This is what we love about well-made high-fidelity audio equipment. They offer joy and engagement at every price point. Of course you get more from the $20,000 speakers, but every one of us has, at some point, listened to a really good pair of $2,000-or-less speakers and thought, "I could be happy with these."

Audio Bliss at $1,190

The Tannoy Platinum F6 is a 2.5-way design sporting a rear port, two 6.5" mid/bass drivers, and a 1" silk-dome tweeter. But most importantly, it's a Tannoy to its very core, sharing that sense of driver-cabinet precision and interactivity that's characteristic of every Tannoy. The look is more modern than the Prestige series, with a two-layer design accentuated with brushed aluminum trim.

If you like the collar-grabbing presence of heritage Tannoy but want something a little more contemporary looking, the Platinum series is for you. It's a sigh of relief for Tannoy fans when they hear them, and realize they're absolutely worthy of the marque, and a real eye-opener for anyone else.

We have the Tannoy Platinum F6 in stock in Black, Burgundy, and White. Click below to learn more and see the finishes.

Tannoy Platinum F6 Loudspeaker
 Tannoy Platinum F6

Product Details

Rega Wants You: Crazy Good Pricing on a Tannoy-Matching CD Player and Amp

Rega Elex-R Integrated Amp

Almost as if Rega knew we were writing about the Tannoy Platinum F6 this week, they just created a very special offer on the Apollo CD player and Elex-R integrated amp.

This is one hell of a match. This is the kind of system you can downsize to and let it just make you grin for the rest of your days.

First, the all-time great CD player, the Rega Apollo is now an amazing $995 from the original retail of $1,325.

The top-loading Rega Apollo uses advanced digital power supplies for the transport and streaming section, and beloved Wolfson chips for the DAC. The Apollo was updated with the audiophile market in mind, as it still cherishes the sound and physicality of the silver disc.

Ordinarily, the Apollo would be the perfect visual and sonic source for the great Rega Brio, a $1,100 integrated amp. But Rega has just dropped the price on the Elex-R so close to the Brio that word on hi-fi street is that as long as these are available nobody should buy a Brio if they can swing the Elex-R at $1,395, down from $1,875.

The Elex-R takes all that's great about the Brio and makes it better by using power circuits from the higher-end Elicit-R along with its quiet, advanced phonostage. It offers 72 W per channel and its signature pace-pushing sound is a perfect match for the nimble Tannoy Platinum F6.

We have very limited numbers of both the Rega Apollo and Elex-R in stock and these will soon sell out at this price, with no further availability.

Rega Apolo CD Player
Rega Elex-R
Rega Apollo CD Player
Rega Elex-R Integrated Amplifier

*This email mentions prices which are accurate at the time of post, but may change over time!

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