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Tannoy Platinum F6 Loudspeaker (each)

Tannoy Platinum F6 Loudspeaker (each)

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  • "How Can They Sound This Good?" - Customer

    The sub-$500 Platinum F6 has no right to sound this good. No, we didn't make a pricing mistake. Yes, you should take advantage of this deal.

Tannoy Platinum F6 Floorstanding Loudspeaker (each)

A 2.5-way with two 6.5" mid/bass drivers and a 1" silk dome tweeter.

At this price, the Tannoy Platinum F6 will make you dance around the room at how good it is.

This modern and stylish two-way floorstanding loudspeaker for medium to large rooms features dual 6.5" mid/bass drivers to deliver great performance with outstanding dynamics. The 1" high-frequency driver with coated silk dome diaphragm provides generous vocal and instrument details. Specially crafted paper and composite material mid/bass cones produce unrivaled articulation and pristine performance. 

Neodymium magnets ensure a strong magnetic field for superb driver control and articulation. The custom-designed crossover assembly reflects Tannoy benchmark for excellence. A rear-ported reflex system enhances rich and deep bass reproduction, with bracing to greatly reduce vibration in the cabinet walls.

Dynamic, articulate, and uncompressed performance breathes new life into your music for a rich sonic experience

A Platinum Story

Chris Landfield has a story about the Platinum F6. As a newly non-remote salesperson who moved to California from Rhode Island, he was taking time to listen to every loudspeaker we have on the demo room floor. After all, we don't sell stuff we haven't actually listened to, and while we have a constant rotation of electronics being shipped among our remote sales staff, loudspeakers need to wait until the salesperson is actually in the shop.

Chris set up our white-and-maple floor demo pair of the F6s and cranked up some bass-heavy tracks, amazed by how these speakers filled up our demo room. A customer who was in the store for a demo of a set of $20,000 speakers, stuck his head in the door, inexorably drawn in by how the female vocal of the track 'Seeya' from deadmau5's album While(1<2) floated above the dense, tight bass, all of it rendered with Tannoy's characteristic dynamic ease.

The awestruck customer asked how much the speakers were and Chris, still processing a lot of pricing, incorrectly said, "$2,000 for the pair."

"How can they sound this good?" the customer asked, clearly worrying now about his $20,000 purchase.

Chris assured him his $20,000 speakers would offer a lot more, and of course they did. At that level, you get scale, layering, detail, palpability, and soundstaging from a different planet. And though the customer decided to buy those $20,000 speakers, he hadn't forgotten the Platinums.

Chris found him later and apologized, saying he'd got the price wrong. "I thought so—they're way more expensive, aren't they?" said the customer.

"Nope," said Chris. "Way less. They're $1,190 for the pair."

Once more, the customer's jaw hit the floor.

This is what we love about well-made high-fidelity audio equipment. They offer joy and engagement at every price point. Of course you get more from the $20,000 speakers, but every one of us has, at some point, listened to a really good pair of $2,000-or-less speakers and thought, "I could be happy with these."

If you like the collar-grabbing presence of heritage Tannoy but want something a little more contemporary looking, the Platinum series is for you. It's a sigh of relief for Tannoy fans when they hear them, and realize they're absolutely worthy of the marque, and a real eye-opener for anyone else.


Type: 2.5-way vented floorstanding
Recommended amplifier power: 20 -150 W
High-frequency driver: 1" Transparent silk dome
Low-frequency drivers: 2 x 6.5" Paper+FPP bowl 
Magnets: Ferrite / neodymium
Frequency response (-6 dB): 40 Hz – 20 kHz
Crossover frequency: 350 Hz and 2.5 kHz
Sensitivity: 87 dB
Nominal impedance: 8 ohm
Wiring: 4 binding posts
Speaker dimensions (WHD): 11.8" x 42.4" x 9.3"
Weight: 37.7 lb