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Western Electric

Western Electric 91E Tube Integrated Amplifier

Western Electric 91E Tube Integrated Amplifier

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  • Western Electric is Back!

    Kevin is beyond excited to talk about this 300B-driven tube-integrated amplifier from legendary US brand Western Electric. It's super rare for a company to design and build an amp around a tube they themselves manufacture, but as you'll see, the results of such a unique, integrated approach can be pure magic when it comes to hearing music at its finest.

Western Electric 91E Tube Integrated Amplifier


It is one of the most neutral, down-the-center, frequency-pure amplifiers I've reviewed. While it delivered that sweet 'n pure triode-treble audiophiles relish, and a room-filling soundstage, it exhibited a trait not commonly associated with tube amplifiers, let alone SET amps: the 91E's low end was tight and accurate. Western Electric is back.


A Class A, single-ended 300B integrated amplifier from a legacy, proudly American brand. 20 W, remote control, LCD display, as well as MM/MC phono.

Western Electric's flagship integrated amplifier is the latest advancements after the WE 91A. The 91E doubles the power to 15 W, and achieves a new level of performance with intelligent circuits that steer the parallel feed constant current source, allowing this high power with extreme linearity and low distortion. The beautifully machined aluminum chassis is available in three finishes: Black, Nickel, and Champagne.

About Western Electric

Founded in 1869, Western Electric's history is intertwined with the history of transmitted and recorded sound. An American brand through and through, it was owned by AT&T until it was bought and revived in 1996 by entrepreneur Charles G. Whitener of Westrex Corporation. The goal was to manufacture vacuum tubes and high-fidelity audio equipment.

In 1997, a newly created run of Western Electric 300B tubes began shipping worldwide, to great excitement among the tube audio community. In 2017, a modern tube manufacturing operation was set up in Rossville, Georgia with the goal of modernizing 300B manufacturing, adding additional tube lines, and in-house research and design of new products under this proud revival of an original American brand.

Steered Current Source Technology (SCS)

Western Electric’s patented steered current source technology uses a parallel feed topology that contributes half of AC current to the anode of the 300B by modulating quiescent current. As a result, half of the power dissipation occurs in the tube, allowing for a greater output power of 20 watts per channel.

The 91E also offers autobias, so there's no need to worry about setting bias for your tubes. 

Stepped Logarithmic Attenuator

High-quality resistors are used in a ladder configuration to produce a logarithmic attenuation of the output signal, in a manner that imitates the response of human hearing.

Interchangeable Transformer Block

Instead of using multiple taps on the transformer, the 91E uses a single impedance transformer with optional output blocks. This offers higher fidelity due to the the lower winding capacitance of single impedance transformers. The 4 ohm block is sold separately.

Other Features

A tube amp for the modern day! The easy-to-read (dimmable) LCD display shows which of the six inputs has been selected, volume level, and also has a VU meter. The included infrared remote control allows for quick adjustment of amplifier settings such as input levels, balance, and display dimming. The 91E has two phono inputs and four stereo RCA line inputs. A Bluetooth audio input is available for wireless convenience. It has a line output and a preamplifier output.

Software and firmware updates are delivered via an Ethernet connection and USB port.

In the Box

  • 91E integrated amplifier
  • Remote control
  • Pin-straightener (9-pin)
  • 2 x 300B vacuum tubes
  • 2x ECC81 vacuum tubes (Pre-amplifier, pre-installed)
  • 8 Ω output transformer block (pre-installed)
  • Power cord
  • Spanner tool (for removal and/or replacement of 300B’s)
  • BT antenna
  • User manual


Output Power Per Channel
At 4 Ω and 8 Ω (THD 10%, 5%, 3%): 20 W, 16 W, 14 W

Tube Complement: 2 x Western Electric 300B, 2 x ECC81

Inputs: 2 x stereo RCA phono, 4 x stereo RCA line, 1 x Bluetooth

Outputs: 1 x stereo RCA line, 1 x stereo RCA pre, 1 x stereo speaker 

MC Sensitivity (10W / 4Ω):
70 μV
MM Input Impedance: 47 kOhms
MM Capacitance: 100 pF

Power Consumption (Operation, Standby): 160 W, 0.3 W

Mains Fuse: 2 A slow-blow

Bluetooth:  Standard v4.2, up to 96 kHz / 16-bit

Dimensions: 18.9" x 15" x 11.1” (48 x 38 x 28 cm)

Weight: 49 lb (22.2 kg)