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Western Electric

Western Electric 300B Vacuum Tube

Western Electric 300B Vacuum Tube

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  • We Love This Tube, Maybe Too Much.

    The WE 300B is a piece of great audio history that's still utterly relevant because of its wonderful sound. Modern manufacturing practices assure tight tolerances and outstanding consistency, and all tubes are factory tested and matched by Western Electric.

Western Electric 300B Power Tube

A truly natural-sounding triode made in a modern facility in America.

Western Electric revived production of the 300B in 1997, and in 2017 moved to a modern facility where they produce this legendary triode whose use dates back to the early years of telecommunication.

The WE 300B is a piece of great audio history that's still utterly relevant because of its wonderful sound, but also now because of modern manufacturing that assures close tolerances and great consistency. All tubes are factory tested and matched by Western Electric.

The sound is balanced, powerful, and refined with quality bass from the lowest registers up. The midrange is truly a thing of beauty with tremendous presence. High frequencies are transparent, sweet, and, in Western Electric's words, "burnished and beautifully seductive."

This 300B offers extraordinary air and space between performers, and the quiet, focused soundstage has immense width and depth. 

The air and space between performers are extraordinary, performers appear on a quiet and focused soundstage whose width and depth are masterfully rendered. You don’t have to search to find the sweet spot with a WE 300B amplifier, it’s all around you.

Find out what tube aficionados all over the globe know, the WE 300B is the most natural, elegant, and emotive triode anywhere.

About Western Electric

Founded in 1869, Western Electric's history is intertwined with the history of transmitted and recorded sound. An American brand through and through, it was owned by AT&T until it was bought and revived in 1996 by entrepreneur Charles G. Whitener of Westrex Corporation. The goal was to manufacture vacuum tubes and high-fidelity audio equipment.

In 1997, a newly created run of Western Electric 300B tubes began shipping worldwide, to great excitement among the tube audio community. In 2017, a modern tube manufacturing operation was set up in Rossville, Georgia with the goal of modernizing 300B manufacturing, adding additional tube lines, and house research and design of new products under this proud revival of an original American brand.


Ef, Eb, Ec: 5 V AC, 300V, -61 V

Plate Current: 60 milliamp

Amplification Factor: 3.85

Plate Resistance: 700 ohm

Grid to Plate Transconductance: 5500 micromhos

Maximum Plate Voltage: 450 V

Maximum Plate Dissipation: 40 W

Maximum Plate Current for Average Tube (Fixed grid bias, Adjustable bias): 70 milliamp, 100 milliamp