VPI Signature 21 Turntable, Rosewood (BLEM)

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VPI Signature 21 (BLEM)

Note: We don't have a photo of the Rosewood finish. The black unit is the Signature 21, and the rosewood image is to show the finish only.

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This unit has minor blemishes from the VPI factory. We regret that we cannot open the unit to share photos, but these factory blems are tiny and are often in a place where you would not normally see them. These are 100% cosmetic, there's is zero effect on performance.

The beloved Prime Signature gets even better in this tasteful combination of aluminum, stainless steel, and 3D printed technology.

The Signature 21 is the next step up from the Prime 21. It features an upgraded JMW 10-3D Reference arm in a metallic black gloss finish with Nordost Reference wire. The chassis consists of an aluminum plate sandwiched between a composite material for improved dampening. Due to the additional weight of the table, this VPI uses the Classic Signature feet. The motor housing and all Delrin posts and armboards use hefty stainless steel for supports and bracing.


  • "Metallic" black gloss finish
  • Fatboy gimbal tonearm​
  • Interchangeable tonearms
  • Machined aluminum platter​​​
  • 300 RPM outboard motor
  • Improved isolation feet​
  • Signature center weight
  • VTA (Vertical Tracking Adjustment) on the fly
  • Made in the USA


Chassis: Vinyl-wrapped MDF, aluminum, stainless steel

Platter: 12" aluminum, 20 lb

Tonearm: Fatboy Gimbal

Motor Speed: 300 RPM

Motor Pulley Accuracy: +/- .0005"

Wow and Flutter: 0.08 %

Speed Accuracy: 0.08 %

Rumble: 82 db down

Footprint: 19 ½" x 13½"

Dimensions: 21 ⅜" x 15 ¾" x 11"

Weight: 66 lb