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VPI Prime Turntable with Fatboy 10" Gimbaled Tonearm

VPI Prime Turntable with Fatboy 10" Gimbaled Tonearm

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VPI Prime Turntable with Fatboy 10" Gimbaled Tonearm

Upscale Audio is the only VPI dealer in California that is VPI Trained & Certified to handle all of your VPI needs!

Ask about the HW-40 feet upgrade and our special cartridge packages. Flagship turntable performance at a reasonable price. Now available with VPI's 10-inch Fatboy 3D Tonearm! 

With the Prime, VPI wanted to get back to its roots and focus on a table that offers quality high-end sound while taking advantage of improvements in technology. The Prime is Mat Weisfeld's first solo design on a table with Harry's approval as well as input from the rest of the VPI staff. 

The Prime includes the following:

  • 10 inch 3D arm
  • VTA Tower for VTA/SRA on the fly
  • Classic 20 pound platter and bearing
  • Outboard 300 RPM motor housing
  • New "Prime" feet which offer improved isolation and better mechanical grounding
  • Stainless Steel/Delrin record clam

The Turntable:

  • Chassis made of black textured vinyl over MDF with an 11 gauge steel plate bonded to the underside for the ultimate in resonance control and feedback rejection
  • Four solid Delrin corner assemblies designed for isolation and mechanical grounding!! A first
  • A 300 rpm 24 pole AC synchronous motor capable of high torque and quiet operation installed in a separate aluminum and steel machined assembly
  • Inverted bearing - hardened stainless steel shaft, 60 Rockwell chrome hardened ball, spinning in a phosphor bronze bushing and sitting on a PEEK thrust disc. The belt side load is placed at the center of the spinning bearing for zero teeter-tooter effects
  • 20-pound damped platter machined from 6061 aluminum to +/- .001” in a 39” circumference!!!
  • Motor pulley has an accuracy of +/- .0005” when leaving factory
  • Wow and flutter: >.1%
  • Speed Accuracy: >.03%
  • Rumble: >85db down

The Tonearm:

  • Pivot to spindle: 258mm
  • Effective length: 273.4mm
  • Overhang: 15.4mm
  • Offset angle: 15.42 degrees
  • Average RMS distortion: 0.311%
  • Internal wiring: premium Discovery wire, optional Nordost Valhalla
  • New design 3d printed one-piece body for the ultimate in resonance control.
  • Full-length copper shielding tube internally
  • Adjustable side weights for finer azimuth settings.
  • Built-in “Easy lift” finger lift.
  • Offset stainless steel counterweight for stability
  • Easy setting of VTA/SRA in thousandths of an inch, calibrated and repeatable
  • Adjustable anti-skate.