VPI Periphery Outer Ring Clamp

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VPI Periphery Outer Ring Clamp

Drastically Improve the Performance of Any VPI Turntable With the VPI Periphery Outer Ring Clamp: Flattens Outer Edges of LPs, Increasing Tracking Ability and Aiding Detail Retrieval

Dramatically and instantly enhance the performance of any VPI turntable with the VPI Periphery Outer Ring Clamp. By flattening the outer edges of LPs, the Periphery Outer Ring Clamp increases your cartridge’s tracking ability, removes unwanted resonance, and boosts detail retrieval, all of which allow you to hear more music (and hear it more clearly and cleanly).

A massive ring designed to sit just outside the lead-in groove, the Periphery Outer Ring Clamp uses its weight to flatten the record onto the platter, eliminating edge warps and more completely coupling the record to the platter.

The Periphery Ring can only be used with the VPI Classic platter. It will not fit on the Scout or Scout Jr. platters. Owners of the Aries 1 or 2, HW-19, or older TNT turntables must upgrade to the Classic Platter and bearing as well.

The Periphery Ring is compatible with the following VPI turntables without any further upgrades:

Classic models 1, 2, 3, or 4
Classic Signature
Aries 3
Avenger & Avenger Reference