VPI JMW-9 Tonearm

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VPI JMW-9 Tonearm

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The JMW-9T offers the advantages of a unipivot tonearm with build quality that belies its affordable price. The JMW-9T was updated in 2009 to feature a tapered armtube filled with a proprietary damping material, which greatly reduces resonance and improves resolution and soundstaging. The JMW-9T makes use of a low friction bearing, mounted on a solid stainless steel rod with markings to set VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle). As with the more expensive JMW-10 and JMW-12 arms, the JMW-9T armwand can be removed and replaced in seconds, allowing easy cartridge changes with multiple armwands. An RCA junction box allows any RCA-terminated interconnects to be used.


Tonearm Options

The JMW-9T Standard is an update of the award-winning stock tonearm for the Scout. A unipivot design, the JMW-9T Standard's single point of contact causes less friction than standard gimbaled designs. The tapered arm tube reduces resonance and standing waves and the internal damping fluid reduces vibration even further. This means the JMW-9T Standard is quieter, more dynamic and a better tracker than virtually every other design. No wonder it's so popular!

The JMW-9 Signature is very much like the JMW-10.5i: wired internally with Nordost Valhalla wiring from the cartridge pins all the way through to the cable junction box, with an additional 2.5 grams effective mass for greater cartridge compatibility (including lighter, low compliance cartridges), variable pivot fluid damping and mechanical anti-skate control.

The JMW-9T uses the same geometry and mounting as the Rega RB300 tonearm and can be dropped right into a Rega armboard with no modifications.