VPI HR-X Stainless Steel Record Center Weight

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Enhance Sound of Every Vinyl LP You Play With the VPI HR-X Stainless-Steel Center Weight: Flattens Vinyl Effectively While Dissipating Unwanted Vibration

Unthreaded Design Allows VPI HR-X Stainless-Steel Center Weight to Work on Almost Any Turntable: Pair With VPI Periphery Outer Ring Clamp for the Most Dramatic Effects

Improve the sound of every vinyl LP you spin by using the incredible VPI HR-X Stainless-Steel Center Weight on your turntable. A hefty, solid stainless-steel weight originally designed to complement VPI's Periphery Outer Ring Clamp, it even delivers noticeable improvements on its own. Simply slide HR-X Center Weight over your turntable's spindle and it goes to work, evenly flattening LPs for greater coupling to the platter. The unthreaded HR-X Center Weight also dampens vibration from your LPs, yielding increased resolution.

Compatible with most turntables.