VPI Prime Platter and Bearing

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VPI Prime Platter and Bearing

Upgrade Your Older VPI Platter and Hear Enhanced Sound: Two-Inch-Thick Aluminum Platter Eliminates Noise and Improves Speed Stability

VPI turntables can be upgraded to the same two-inch-thick VPI Aluminum Platter used on the acclaimed Classic & Prime Turntables. Adding the aluminum / stainless-steel platter nets tremendous sonic improvements by eliminating noise and improving speed stability. Think about it: No ringing, no resonance, just a cool new look and great performance. NOTE: Some assembly is required.

Please choose your VPI turntable from the above drop-down menu. The platter is identical for all three types; the only difference is the included hardware. If you aren't sure which kit you need, don't hesitate to call and we'll get you the right parts!

  • Prime Platter fits most VPI turntables without any extra parts or modification
  • Scout Kit includes parts specific to Scout and HW-19 Series turntables
  • TNT Kit includes parts specific to all TNT models except HR-X (which does not require this upgrade)