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Tung-Sol 5881

Tung-Sol 5881

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Tung-Sol 5881 

New production tube made by New Sensor in the Reflektor factory in Russia. Gotta 5881 amp and you're sick of using the same old Sovteks? Folks are really getting into this current production homage to the legendary Tung-Sol. Similar in looks to the original U.S. version, and folks "in the know" say they sound similar too.

The 5881 can be used as a replacement for the 6L6GC, however it is a lower dissipation tube, which means less power, and you may need to back off the bias slightly depending on your amplifier. Consult your amp's owner's manual first. To be honest... if your amp can use the 6L6GC, I'd stick with that.

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All power tubes are Platinum Screened & Tested to the highest standards, including a 72-hour burn in process, and testing at real-world voltages.