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Sutherland TZ Vibe Phonostage

Sutherland TZ Vibe Phonostage

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Sutherland TZ Vibe Phonostage

A transimpedance phonostage that will take low-impedance MC cartridges to a level you won't believe. Power supply included.

To create its entry-level transimpedance phonostage, Sutherland has taken some circuitry from the KC Vibe and added in the transimpedance input gain stage from the legendary Little LOCO Mk2.

Each of those products underwent years of development. Each has been in production for several years, earning a solid reputation. All of that valuable knowledge and experience is combined into the TZ VIBE. 

A transimpedance phonostage takes its musical signal from the current of a cartridge and not the voltage. It presents the cartridge with a virtual short, thus eliminating the need for gain loading. But it must be matched with care, so make sure you reach out to our analog team before buying. 

The sound of this design is described as "filling every square inch of a room". It is truly an amazing way to make your current cartridge sound way more expensive. It offers detail without losing the density of the image, resulting in a great sense of realism. Imaging and soundstaging is superb, creating a big, effortless picture. It really has to be heard to be fully understood.

The TZ VIBE comes set to a medium gain and can be adjusted 6 dB up or down from there. There is a five-year parts and labor warranty. The power supply is included.


Weight: 6 lb

Dimensions (WDH): 6.5" x 2.5" x 12"