Sutherland Little Loco Phonostage

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Sutherland Little Loco Phonostage

This is Ron Sutherland's realization of the "current input" phonostage that offers stunning musicality from the get-go: spacious, effortless, and full

The first transimpedance phono pre from Sutherland was the Phono Loco, and there is much trickle-down technology from this $8,000+ product that is packed into the Little Loco.

A current input phonostage uses the current rather than the voltage generated by the phono cartridge. With a transimpedance gain stage, the input signal is read off the current, and the output signal is transmitted by the voltage. A result of this approach is that loading settings are not needed--your cartridge will see a load of 0 ohm, and the input signal is the current that the cartridge produces into that virtual short.

What this means of course, is that every detail of the music is preserved.

Similarly, gain settings usually do not have to be changed--the Little Loco comes set to medium gain, but removable resistor boards allow the gain to be set to high or low. 

Comes with a 5-year transferable warranty on parts and labor.


Dimensions (WHD): 17" x 2" x 13" 

Weight: 15 lb