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Sutherland DOS LOCOS Phonostage

Sutherland DOS LOCOS Phonostage

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Sutherland DOS LOCOS Phonostage

The Sutherland Dos Locos is a "monoblock" phonostage, so you need two for your stereo cartridge, but can buy just one for your mono cartridge. The Dos Locos is born out of the innovative spirit of the Phono Loco, with its pioneering all-transimpedance approach.

For the first time, Ron Sutherland has teamed with trusted, passionate experts to add an ear-approved essence to his already proven approach to elegant circuitry. The team patiently experimented with combinations of parts and processes until they happily arrived at the moment where the music left everyone speechless. 

The power supply of the Dos Locos is on one side and completely separated from the phonostage side. Sutherland’s approach to audio engineering is disciplined and values-driven, focusing on high-quality, reliable components without succumbing to the temptation of adding unnecessary complexity. The minimalist design ensures a signal path of unparalleled purity, letting nothing stand between you and the music.

Use only low output MC, less than 20 ohm internal resistance. The Dos Locos will not work with MM, nor high output MC. The gain is internally adjustable to high, medium, or low. Transimpedance gain cannot be expressed in dB, but there is plenty of gain for very low-output MC cartridges. Even with the lowest output MC, background noise vanishes.

The silver finish comes with an amber LED, and the black finish comes with a blue LED.