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Sumiko Blue Point No. 3 Moving Coil Cartridge

Sumiko Blue Point No. 3 Moving Coil Cartridge

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Sumiko Blue Point No. 3 Moving Coil Cartridge

As Sumiko has pushed forward in recent years with its exploration of resonance optimization, it was a matter of time before the classic Blue Point No. 2 was re-evaluated. Blue Point No. 2 – among the world’s first high-output MC cartridges – across decades has become something of a staple among listeners looking for a taste of moving coil sonics without the added expense of MC pre-amplification. 

Blue Point No. 3 comes after Sumiko's deep research into the resonance properties of Blue Point No. 2, seeking to reimagine how the housing resonates around the generator.

Sumiko says the sonic presentation of Blue Point No. 3 harkens back to vintage Shure & Stanton MMs remembered for their smoothness. With its tried-and-true MC generator system, that smoothness is enhanced with the subtlety and nuance you’d expect from a Sumiko MC.

Blue Point No. 3 assembles its sonic picture from the ground up with its buttery low-end response. Bass enthusiasts are in for a treat here. Full and warm yet defined & textured, the coziness of the bass will invite you right in. You can expect a similar lushness through mids that remain decipherable, with a high-frequency attack and decay that’s simply sweet & airy.

High and Low

Having developed such a refinement on a classic design, introducing a low-output variant was a no-brainer. As strongly as Sumiko stands behind Blue Point No. 3 High, Blue Point No. 3 Low is a game-changer. Owners of MC phonostages can experience the same listenability mentioned above, but with the depth and imaging typical of a low-output design, then some. As with its predecessors, Blue Point No. 3 remains a high-value performer that’s easy on your pocket book, and with the introduction of Blue Point No. 3 Low, there’s a Blue Point for everyone!


Mass: 6 g

Stylus: 0.3 x 0.7 mil elliptical

Cantilever: Aluminum Pipe

Coils: High-purity copper

Vertical Tracking Angle: 20°

Tracking Force Range: 1.8 g – 2.2 g

Recommended Tracking Force: 2.0 g

Load Impedance (Low, High): >100 Ω, 47 kΩ

Capacitance: 100 pF – 200 pF

Internal Impedance (Low, High): 28 Ω, 135 Ω

Frequency Response: 13 Hz – 35 kHz

Output Voltage (Low, High): 0.5 mV, 2.5 mV