Soundsmith MCP2 Phonostage

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Soundsmith MCP2 Phonostage

We have a couple of the original MCP2 phonostages in stock! The Mk II is also available, but not at this price. The MCP2 Mk II has some upgrades to a few internal components and some custom-made RCA jacks, but the original is still an amazing piece and at this price, a moving-coil phonostage that is tough to beat!

The Soundsmith MMP and MCP preamps are revolutionary designs for their price. Each handmade preamp circuit is housed in a high-quality aluminum case, powered by an external DC power supply, with easy to set up instructions. All amplifiers have extremely accurate RIAA equalization response, ultra-low noise and vanishing levels of THD.

The new MCP-2 features continuously variable loading (10 ohm to 5K ohm) and offers simple tuning to get the high-end response exactly to your listening preference.

Built-in Soundsmith designed and manufactured fully shielded step-up transformers assure noise free and ultra-low distortion gain. The new MCP-2 has been favorably demonstrated against preamps costing $4000 - $9000 with surprising results... and compliments to Soundsmith.

Supplied with a 24 V power supply.


Type: Moving coil
Input load: 10 to 5,000 ohm, continuously variable
Capacitance: 220 pF
Gain: 62 dB
Noise: -93 dB down