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Schick Graphite Headshell

Schick Graphite Headshell

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Schick Graphite Headshell

Headshells give you the opportunity to tune the sound of your turntable in a very easy way. Graphite comes in many varieties, and Schick has chosen a high de­nsi­ty, oil soaked type. It is of cour­se so you can touch it wi­thout oil or pen­cil marks on your fin­gers.

Thomas Shick has found this gives the most favor­able re­sults, a sound that is detailed but keeps the right tim­ing and tim­bre. The de­sign re­sults in an ex­treme­ly rigid and res­o­nance-free head­shell, which ba­si­cal­ly en­sures an ex­tend­ed pre­ci­sion in sound.