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Sbooster Ultra MKII Upgrade

Sbooster Ultra MKII Upgrade

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Sbooster Ultra MKII Upgrade

Power is everything. Some of the biggest improvements, outside of getting that expensive component upgrade you've been eyeing, come from upgrading the electrical power supply to your system. Whether it's upgraded cables, a power conditioner, or better individual PSUs for components, the jump in detail, bass extension, air, and dynamics are electrifying. These are accompanied by notable drops in grain, noise floor, and a general fog around the sound that you didn't even know was there until it went away.

The Sbooster Ultra MKII is an upgrade to the Sbooster BOTW P&P MKI and MKII power supplies. It sits inline between power supply and component, and offers filtration, buffering, an RFI sink, and lower impedance.


  • Filters and optimizes input power and is fine-tuned for the audio band.
  • High-capacity input and output buffers with solid conductive polymer capacitors to lower the output ripple and to expand the bandwidth of the filter circuit.
  • Fast transient response with an impedance correction filter to achieve improved performance over a wider bandwidth.
  • Sbooster Decoy: metal enclosures for your sound device are great at keeping out RFI, but a lot of noise comes from internally generated RFI bouncing around inside, unable to escape. Sbooster's innovative “electronic baiting container”, The Sbooster Decoy lures this unwanted noise out of the metal cage of the audio device.
  • Star-ground design gives almost every component its dedicated ground connection. This makes the electronic design more stable, and brings greater ease to the music.
  • New input and output cables have high-quality oxygen-free copper for the conductors and are double shielded. The interchangeable DC-connectors are equipped with custom-made gold-plated connector pins.