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Sbooster Lumin D2-T2-T3-U1 Mini-U2 Mini- Connection Kit

Sbooster Lumin D2-T2-T3-U1 Mini-U2 Mini- Connection Kit

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Sbooster Lumin D2-T2-T3-U1 Mini-U2 Mini- Connection Kit

NOTE: If you install the Sbooster upgrade on a Lumin D2, U1 MINI, or T2, THE UNIT IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR OUR 60-DAY RETURN POLICY. 

Don't fry your Lumin! Always power off your Sbooster using its power switch before plugging it into your Lumin or removing the plug from your Lumin!

Power is everything. Some of the biggest improvements, outside of getting that expensive component upgrade you've been eyeing, come from upgrading the electrical power supply to your system. Whether it's upgraded cables, a power conditioner, or better individual PSUs for components, the jump in detail, bass extension, air, and dynamics are electrifying. These are accompanied by notable drops in grain, noise floor, and a general fog around the sound that you didn't even know was there until it went away.

This no-solder kit with one wire cut allows you to connect an Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO MKII (sold separately) to a Lumin. It replaces the IEC connector on the back with a custom plate that allows the external Sbooster to directly supply the Lumin board with power. 

It's easy--you can most certainly do it at home:

  1. Unplug the Lumin and open it up.
  2. Disconnect the internal Lumin power supply from the board, and remove it from the Lumin.
  3. Attach the plate where the IEC connector was, and plug the wire into the board again.
  4. Close up the Lumin and be prepared to have the jaw drop at the improvement!