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REL Acoustics T/5x Subwoofer

REL Acoustics T/5x Subwoofer

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REL Acoustics T/5x Subwoofer

RELs are designed for speed and articulation, as well as bass response. The T/x series offers faster, more transparent sound with even greater impact

The T/5x is perfect for small and medium rooms and uses the same single longthrow 8” bass driver as the T/7x. The aluminum and paper composite is light enough to deliver detail and texture, but stiff enough to be pile-driven by the 125 W class AB amp to deliver deep, dynamic bass. The suspension has received many upgrades allowing for more power and greater finesse.

The floor-firing woofer is part of the T/5x's secret; bass energy strikes the floor and spreads uniformly throughout the space making it perform like a larger model. Though slightly larger in volume than its predecessor, it actually appears to be smaller due to subtle design changes to minimize its visual presence. Finally, five hand-polished coats of lacquer in your choice of High Gloss White or Piano Black add luster to the softly rounded cabinetry.

Why REL?

1) REL subs are designed to be fast and articulate above all. This allows them to keep up with modern loudspeakers and blend better with them. REL subs offer realistic bass extension... there's no point in adding a boom box for bass in a good system. Real-life bass is quick and dynamic, it takes your breath away. RELs offer deep but fast bass, textured and organic, just as it is on the recording.

2) RELs use a high-level input, also called a speaker-level input. This means that they connect to the speaker output terminals on your amp, and share the same signal, and are subject to the same damping factor and timing as your loudspeakers. Don't worry, they don't add to the load on the amp--they just see the signal.

3) Many REL setups are scaleable and they offer a separate input and gain setting for LFE/.1, so it's easy to share your music sub with your cinema system.

The result is a subwoofer or pair of subwoofers that seamlessly takes your loudspeaker bass performance down to extremely low frequencies, but keeps all of the speed, detail, and dynamics of the signal. When done right, it's not just about bass performance--soundstaging improves, there's more weight to all frequencies, and there's a tremendous sense of the recording space.

Remember, the subwoofer must match your speakers and the room. Contact us if you'd like advice on speaker pairing with this sub.


Type: Closed box, down-firing driver

Driver: 8" FibreAlloy™ long-throw, inverted alloy dust cap, steel chassis

Low-frequency extension (-6 dB): 32 Hz

Inputs: High-level Neutrik Speakon, Low-level single RCA, LFE RCA

Power output: 125 W RMS

Wireless: Arrow (Optional), Zero Compression, Single Large Scale Integrated Chip

Dimensions (WHD): 11.8" x 12" x 12.3"

Weight: 31.5 lb

Supplied accessories: Power cable, 10 m Neutrik Speakon high-level interconnect