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Reed 1H 9.5 Inch Tonearm

Reed 1H 9.5 Inch Tonearm

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Reed 1H 9.5 Inch Tonearm

Reed's entry-level tonearm with a damped carbon fiber arm wand

The Reed 1H is the latest addition for 2023 to its entry level tonearm series. The arm wand is made primarily from carbon fiber, and after thorough research, Reed has found a way to make the this armwand’s acoustical properties close  to those of wood. 

The new arm wand uses soft wood to damp the carbon fiber tube, and offer the properties of a wooden wand with the lightness and durability of carbon fiber. 

The Reed 1H has a cardanic bearing system. The vertical axis has thrust rotation bearings, and the horizontal axis is based on thrust pivot bearings, the same as the Reed 3P. This bearing construction eliminates wobbling, which has a great impact on the quality of the sound.

The Reed 1H has magnetic antiskate, azimuth adjustment, a replaceable headshell, and VTA adjustment.  Height can be adjusted from 28mm to 48 mm. It is also easily tuned and can be mounted on most turntables out of the box or using an adapter.

Tonearm signal output is either 5 pin-DIN connector or Finewire 37 cables.


Effective Length: 9.5″

Mounting Distance: 223 mm

Pivot to Spindle Distance: 223 mm

Overhang: 17 mm

Offset Angle (Deg): 22.9