Record Doctor VI Record Cleaning Machine

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Record Doctor VI Record Cleaning Machine

Hear the Music You've Been Missing!

The all-new Record Doctor VI retains all the features of its predecessor, along with the following improvements:

  • Cooler and quieter running than previous models
  • Durable, stain-resistant aluminum top
  • Larger easy-grip record turner keeps fluids off the LP label
  • New deep-cleaning Clean Sweep fluid applicator brush
  • Illustrated quick-start guide
  • All new, retail-friendly, Styrofoam-free packaging
  • Now available in carbon-fiber vinyl or high-gloss black finishes

Vacuum cleaning your records with the Record Doctor VI is the best way to get dirt, dust, and grime out of the grooves and let you hear the music you've been missing. The Record Doctor brings a number of benefits to LP listening. It improves the sound quality, helps your records maintain their value, and helps extend the life of your LPs.

Cleaner records sound better than dirty records. With a clean LP, your record stylus reproduces the music the way the artist intended it to sound – instead of plaguing you with clicks, pops, surface noise, and distortion.

Higher Value, Longer Lasting

It just makes sense that clean, well cared for records are worth more than dirty, poor sounding discs. Protect your valuable vinyl investment with the Record Doctor. Vinyl discs can become so dirty that they are virtually unplayable. According to Gerald L. Gibson, Head of the Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division of the Library of Congress, 1991, "Dust can become embedded permanently into the disc's grooves, causing distortion of the transmitting signal, ticks, pops, and inferior sound quality."