Record Doctor Record Clamp

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Record Doctor Record Clamp

Extract Maximum Performance From Your LPs

The Record Doctor Record Clamp is a useful accessory for vinyl LP fans and audiophiles alike who want to extract maximum performance from their records. The Record Clamp tightly bonds the vinyl record to the platter, holding the record firmly in place and improving sound by reducing LP slippage and unwanted resonances. The effect is especially helpful when playing record where bass vibrations or high frequency resonances are an issue, when playing slightly warped records, or when recording your vinyl to a digital computer file. Also, due to increased LP stability, a record clamp helps reduce both stylus and record wear, extending the life of both.

Way Better Than A Record Weight

To extract maximum sonic performance from vinyl, most high-end turntables now come with record clamps rather than record weights because a record clamp has several advantages over record weights. The Record Doctor Record Clamp’s low mass design – under 300g – does not apply excessive stress to turntable bearings, improving their performance and life expectancy. The clamp’s gentle action will not damage LP labels.

Beautifully Designed and Engineered

The Record Doctor Record Clamp is beautifully designed and engineered. It comes in your choice of either a black non-resonant phenolic body or clear non-resonant acrylic body. The brass ferrule clamps tightly to most turntable spindles, while the textured aluminum knob allows for precise clamping pressure. The 44mm overall height fits most popular turntables. Be sure to measure the clearance between your LP record and turntable dustcover before ordering to ensure a proper fit.