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Pure Fidelity

Pure Fidelity Harmony Mk2 Turntable

Pure Fidelity Harmony Mk2 Turntable

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Pure Fidelity Harmony Mk2 Turntable

With a 48 mm platter, aluminum sub-plinth, IsoAcoustics Gaia IV feet, and the SS-10 record weight. Hand-crafted in Vancouver, Canada.

Analog reproduction has allure, an uncanny, captivating quality that nothing else can touch. Experience this to the fullest with the Pure Fidelity Harmony. It delivers all the advantages of the Pure Fidelity “hybrid” design in which every part of the drive system has been engineered so the music is free from the smearing and veiling of even minuscule speed variations.

Harmony has Pure Fidelity's most comprehensive countermeasures against shelf-borne vibration and resonance, allowing your music to emerge from a background of inky-black silence.

Pure Fidelity products are built by a long-time audiophile who wanted the perfect turntable. John Stratton started his company in 2015 after having owned a long list of high-end turntables from various manufacturers. 

The Hybrid Approach

Pure Fidelity's "hybrid" design takes into account the benefits and drawbacks of every type of turntable design. The plinth has a major impact on turntable sound. High-mass designs can have solid bass, but can sound dull. Low-mass designs can have good speed and dynamics, but often sound bright. Suspended decks can have good timing, but may lack bass. To combine the best elements of each design, Pure Fidelity’s founder, John Stratton created his “hybrid” approach, with intermediate mass based on an ultra-MDF plinth. The result is completely neutral sound. Bass is strong without being sleepy, while the highs are detailed without being bright. 

This ultra-MDF plinth sits on a 3/4" 6061 aluminum isolation platform, separated by three special low-profile feet from IsoAcoustics, the Gaia IV.

The Silent Drive

The bearing combines two hard, low-friction materials for a dead silent drive system. A ruby bearing sits in a bronze bearing shaft, both very expensive choices, but ones that you will hear, or rather, not hear during your musical enjoyment. 

To drive the motor with the utmost precision, Pure Fidelity created the Conductor outboard speed control with a quartz lock that maintains a rotational accuracy of ±0.003%. Because many classic vinyl records predate such precision, the Conductor also provides separate rear-panel pitch adjustments for 33-1/3 and 45 rpm. The speed control isolates the motor drive voltage from the noise, spikes, and distortions in your household AC mains, generating a pure sine wave of uncommon stability.

The custom 12 V AC synchronous motor is free from cogging and uses two drive belts to turn the large profile aluminum and stainless steel subplatter. Atop this sits a massive 48 mm Delrin platter, a material that offers great density and low resonance with a very balanced frequency response. 

Supplied with Harmony is the SS-10 record weight that damps vibrations with its contact point of 10 ball bearings set into Delrin.


Dimensions (WDH): 17” x 14” x 7.5” (430 x 355 x 190 mm)

Weight: 45 lb (20.4 kg)