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Pathos Logos MkII Tube Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

Pathos Logos MkII Tube Hybrid Integrated Amplifier

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Pathos Logos MkII Tube Hybrid Integrated Amplifier



If you want nearly all the magic that full tube design provides, but want more bass drive without having to replace power tubes on a regular (and without having to replace power tubes on a regular (and at a higher cost) basis, the Logos Mk.II might be your perfect choice. The Logos Mk.II does it all - dynamics, speed, control, and delicacy. All in a package that is stunningly executed.


In 2002, long before other companies jumped on the tube hybrid bandwagon, Pathos opened the audio world’s eyes with the Logos: the first hybrid to capture so much of the magic of what a pure tube amplifier can produce, but without the maintenance. Pathos also created a design and package so inspiring and universally loved, it remained unchanged for well over ten years. When a product like Logos is so close to perfection, it’s difficult to improve it.  But with new power supply upgrades as well as a redesign of the tube preamp section, the MKII was born.

It’s easy to look at the amazing exterior design and be bowled over. There’s a choice of stunning matte metallic black or exotic padouk wood which is cut, sanded, and finished by hand in-house at the Pathos factory in Vicenza, Italy. In fact, the entire amplifier is produced by hand in Italy, including the PCBs, chassis, capacitors, right down to the heatsinks that proudly spell out the name ‘Pathos’.

Look inside and this is where the magic begins. The Logos MKII is a tour de force of engineering prowess, careful selection of the finest components, and a healthy dose of Italian creativity and passion in a one-box solution, built to inspire your musical entertainment for a lifetime.

Start with the massive dual-mono power transformer, potted and encapsulated to reduce vibrational and electromagnetic noise. A transformer so massive, the Logos weighs over 60 pounds!  There are three separate stages of regulation; one for each channel of the power amp section, and one for the tube preamp section, offering the widest and deepest soundstage. That, along with a massive 44,000 uF custom-made Italian capacitors per channel promise superb bass response and a sense of grace, even when program material and speaker impedance become demanding.

The Logos uses MOSFETs in the output stage, known for their tube-like transfer characteristics, in a design that attempts to come sonically as close as possible to Pathos’ patented InPol circuitry. InPol is the only amplifier design, hybrid or solid-state, that gives the full glory of a tube amplifier but with control. Look at the numbers: 110 watts per channel into 8 ohms, and an amazing 220 watts into 4 ohms, with full bandwidth

How about finesse? And beauty? And liquidity? The tube section is run in a fully-balanced configuration to guarantee the lowest noise. Pathos then implements their well-known “resistive volume control” which gives you the low noise, linearity, and perfect channel balance offered by the best electronic designs without the electronic “sheen” and “glare” often encountered with lesser brands.

Details matter. So the new LOGOS, the MKII, boasts the ability to individually adjust input levels for all your sources, so they play at the same volume. An ingenious protection circuit ensures a lifetime of enjoyment, with no audible downside. Logos also has fixed-level and preamp output jacks to add subwoofers, allow bi-amplification, and a myriad of other possibilities. Even the remote is a hand-crafted in Italy.


Type: Integrated stereo amplifier, hybrid technology.
Preamplifier stage: Tube (2 x 6922 ECC88), class A
Final stage: MOSFET, class AB
Output power: 2 x 110 W RMS @ 8 Ω (Both channels driven.)
Frequency response: 5 Hz - 140 kHz ± 0.5 dB
Max input voltage: 6 V RMS
Input sensitivity: 500 mV RMS (39 dB Gain)
Input impedance: 32 unbalanced, 20 balanced
Output polarity: Non- inverting, balanced pin 2 +
Volume regulator: Burr Brown PGA2310 (100 steps)
Damping Factor: 360 @ 8 Ω
THD: 0.02% @ 1 W, 0.2% @ 110 W
S/N Ratio: >90 dB
Power requirements: 200 W @ 100 WPC / 130W @ zero volume < 0.5 W @ standby

Analogue line inputs: 2 x balanced XLR, 5 x RCA 
Outputs: 1 x pre out stereo, 1 x sub out mono 
Digital inputs (Optional HiDac board required): 1 x USB port type "B", 2 x S/PDIF coaxial
Dimensions: 20.5" (D) x 16.9" (W) x 8.7" (H)
Packed dimensions: 23.6" (D) x 23.6" (W) x 13.77"(H)
Weight (net / packed): 61.7 lb (28Kg) / 66.1 (30Kg)