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Pangea Audio Premier SE Turntable Cable

Pangea Audio Premier SE Turntable Cable

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Pangea Audio Premier SE Turntable Cable, 4 ft

Exceptionally Low Noise Performance with Any High-End Audio Turntable

Two years in the making, Pangea Audio's Premier SE ground-breaking turntable cable – or, more accurately, turntable cable with superior grounding – has finally arrived. 

What distinguishes the Premier SE from lesser turntable cables? For that we need a little background. For nearly fifty years, all turntables came with a dedicated cable running straight from the tonearm base to the phono stage. In the last ten years, however, more and more popular selling turntables – such as the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon, for example – have been designed with RCA outputs on the back of the turntable.

This welcome design change allows users to choose whichever audio interconnect cable they wanted, but the benefits come with a big problem. For best sound, there should be a separate ground wire running from the turntable back to the preamp. But 99.99% of the quality audio cables on the market lack this necessary grounding wire. Several companies introduced interconnects with a separate ground wire, but these grounding cables were not integrated into the cable. Instead, they were fixed outside of the cable, resulting in a less than idea grounding solution.

Grounds for a Superior Ground

Pangea Audio tasked veteran cable designer Jay Victor with creating a special cable that incorporated the turntable grounding wire into the interconnect cable’s shield layer. Jay accepted the challenge, but he soon discovered why no manufacturer had accomplished this before. It proved extremely difficult to incorporate the grounding wire into the cable and still have access to it on both ends.

After a year of trial and error, Jay’s team finally produced a prototype that seemed to meet all of Jay’s strict requirements. Jay sent out a group of samples to a close-knit group of audiophiles around the world. Everyone loved the sound of the prototypes – expect for one individual who detected a faint hum when the cable was placed in close proximity to a group of inexpensive wall-wart power supplies powering his system. It turns out there were more than five noisy power supplies in total, so this was an unusual situation. But, no matter. Jay went back to the drawing board to eliminate the hum.

Unique Twin-Lead Design

It took another year and several more prototypes. Eventually Jay was not only able to silence the hum, but he also made a cable that to all the tester’s ears sounded even better than the previous version.

The Pangea Audio Premier SE Turntable Cable is a unique twin-lead audio cable with integrated ground and wire management. Premier SE features highest purity Cardas Grade One Copper and OFC conductors. The unique configuration of conductors features multi-gauge conductors with PE dielectric and dual-layered shielding for both right and left channels, delivering exceptionally low noise performance with any high-end audio turntable.

Based on the advanced engineering specifications and product development timeline, the Premier SE Phono Cable should be priced much higher at $200. Due to Pangea Audio’s volume purchasing power and aggressive pricing strategy, it is able to bring this cable to you for less than $100. Needless to say, you won't find a better turntable cable at anywhere near the price – or even by spending way, way more.


  • Four feet, 1.25m length
  • Delivers exceptionally low noise performance with any high-end audio turntable
  • Unique twin-lead design
  • Separate L-R cables plus integrated ground cable
  • Wire management blocks hold all three cables
  • Cardas Grade One Copper conductors
  • Polymer-coated OFC Copper conductors
  • Multi-Gauge, using three different conductor gauges
  • Separate aluminum foil and braided OFC Copper shields
  • Color-coded PE dielectric for each cable array
  • Black/gray nylon-covered TPR jacket
  • Premium gold-plated RCAs