Pangea Audio Premier SE Coaxial Digital Cable

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Pangea Audio Premier SE Coaxial Digital Cable

A great sounding coaxial digital cable for streaming hi-res music files. Pangea Audio's Premier SE coaxial digital cable features precision-wound 18-gauge conductors using a Cardas Grade One Copper signal conductor with a 6% silver coating. It also boasts multi-layered nitrogen-injected polyethylene foamed insulation, the highest quality Prime 550 RCA connectors, and a tough woven nylon braided jacket.



  • 6% Silver-Plated Cardas Grade One Copper
  • Quad-Layered Shielding (Double-sided Aluminum/Mylar Foil Shield; Premium 1.25% Silver-Plated Braided Shield; Carbon-impregnated Polyethene)
  • Multi-Layered Nitrogen-Injected Polyethylene Foamed Insulation
  • Cable Jacket: TPR with Braided Nylon Outer Jacket
  • Prime 550 RCA Termination (see below)
Prime 550 RCA
  • Gold-plated Ground Contacts
  • Gold-plated Center Pin
  • Non-magnetic Metal RCA Cover
  • Polyoxymethylene Insulator
  • Premium Hand-soldered Connection