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Ortofon OM 5E Moving Magnet Cartridge

Ortofon OM 5E Moving Magnet Cartridge

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Ortofon OM 5E Moving Magnet Cartridge

The new Super OM cartridges have been designed on the basis of Ortofon's lightweight moving magnet system - originally introduced in the OM (Optimum Match) Series - with two major refinements. By means of advanced computer simulation methods, it has been possible to define the natural pivot point of the system with unprecedented accuracy while achieving an optimum oscillation balance. This translates into improved linearity, higher channel separation, and reduced distortion.

In addition, Ortofon has succeeded in developing a technique by which to slit the less than 1 mm diameter hollow pole pins, thus significantly reducing eddy current losses caused by magnetic hysteresis. This sophisticated technology extends the frequency range and improves phase linearity. The cartridge body is manufactured from a Noryl plastic/glass combination, which ensures high rigidity, and freedom from resonances.

Three Different Styli, Three Levels of Performance All three Super OM models have the same body, construction, and magnetic circuitry. The only difference is the interchangeable stylus unit.
Choose between a nude fineLine stylus (Super OM 30), a nude elliptical stylus (Super OM 20), or an elliptical stylus (Super OM 10), all of which are cut and polished to the highest standards of the industry.
For demanding purposes, the Fine Line stylus is particularly recommended. This slim profile will track even the highest frequency groove information, At the same time, its larger than normal footprint ensures reduced distortion and record wear.

Naturally, you can upgrade a Super OM 10 to a Super OM 20, or even a Super OM 30 at any time. Your only expense will be the cost of the stylus unit. And if the original stylus is not worn out, you can still use it for less demanding applications.

The Super OM stylus units are also compatible with all the bodies of the entire ortofon OMP line. IF you own an OM cartridge, you are able to enjoy the improved stylus and cantilever technology of the Super OM range. However, it takes a Super OM body with Ortofon's new magnetic circuitry to realize the full Super OM potential.

Replacement stylus unit Stylus 5 E.


Stylus Type: Elliptical

Output Voltage: 4 mV

Frequency Range: 20-25,000 Hz

Tracking Force Range: 1.5g - 2 g (15-20 mN)

Tracking Force, Recommended: 1.75 g (17.5 mN)

Tracking Angle: 20°

Internal Impedance: 750 ohm

Recommended Load: 47 kOhm

Recommended Capacitance: 200-600 pF

Weight: 5 g