Nordost Purple Flare Interconnect (pair)

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Nordost Purple Flare Interconnect (pair)

The Nordost Purple Flare starts with an elegantly simple design and adds conductivity and gauge weight for greater bandwidth and improved low-frequency response. Imaging and tonal balance are substantially better, too. This high-speed, low-loss cable preserves musical power and momentum with rugged construction and mechanical integrity. Like all Nordost cables, Purple Flare is manufactured and hand-terminated in the USA.

Purple Flare employs six 26 AWG, precision-wound silver-plated 99.9999% OFC solid-core conductors. The minimum cross-section configuration eliminates unnecessary fillers and padding elements, while the high-grade FEP insulation reduces Purple Flare’s dielectric polarization. Carefully selected low-mass connectors and differential grounding ensure noise immunity, delivering a fast, deep sound at a terrific price.


Insulation: Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)
Construction: 6 x 26 AWG
Conductors: Silver-Plated 99.9999 % OFC Solid-Core
Capacitance: 55.0 pf/Ft
Inductance: 0.037 uh/Ft
Overall Shield Coverage: 95 % Braid