NAD PP4 Digital Phono / USB Preamp

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NAD PP4 Digital Phono / USB Preamp

With the addition of the PP 4 to your home system, the LPs you cherish the most come alive in the form of expansive and rich sound. Offering superb and measured sonic performance, NAD combines two simple solutions – the PP 4 Digital Phono and the USB Preamplifier – into one small device, making it easy to add phono to stereo amplifiers and AV receivers without a phono input.

The PP 4 uses a shielded USB cable and recording level control, which reduces noise and improves the analog-to-digital conversion process. As part of NAD’s commitment to the environment, the PP 4 features a more efficient “green” power supply that reduces power consumption. It also has an Auto Power Down feature that saves energy by shutting off when not in use.


Moving coil
Input impedance and capacitance: 100 ohm, 180 pF
Gain: 58 dB
Infrasonic filter: -14 dB @ 5 Hz, -3 dB @ 10 Hz

Moving magnet
Input impedance and capacitance: 47 Kohm, 200 pF
Gain: 35 dB
Infrasonic filter: -14 dB @ 5 Hz, -3 dB @ 10 Hz

Digital output: USB, 48 kHz, 16 bit

Dimensions: 5-5/16" x 1-15/16" x 2-7/8"