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Fender x MoFi PrecisionDeck Limited Edition Turntable

Fender x MoFi PrecisionDeck Limited Edition Turntable

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  • Watch to see the details that make this turntable a timeless classic

    Kat explains in excellent detail the various aspects that make the Fender x MoFi PrecisionDeck such a beautiful piece of high-performance analog art.

Fender X MoFi PrecisionDeck Turntable

A custom table with a "sunburst" ash plinth by Fender, 10" tonearm, Cardas wiring, HRS feet, and massive Delrin platter. Comes with the MasterTracker MM cartridge. Limited to 1000 units.

Declare your love of music with this beautiful custom turntable from MoFi and Fender, with no compromises on sonic quality. All the technologies that make MoFi turntables such amazing value are here, along with the iconic three-color sunburst by Fender, who have designed a special low-resonance plinth just for this edition of the much-loved UltraDeck. 

Custom-developed and manufactured in the USA, the 10-inch Ultra tonearm uses smooth, high-quality ball bearings for low friction in the vertical and horizontal plane so all you hear is what is in the grooves. Cardas Audio wiring maintains signal purity from the headshell leads all the way through to the high-quality, gold-plated RCA connectors.

MoFi's stepped-pulley AC motor provides excellent speed stability for pitch accuracy and rhythmic drive. The Delrin® pulley has two positions for 33 1/3 and 45 RPM speed selection. Motor vibrations are kept away from the platter and stylus by using advanced dampening materials that decouple the motor from the rest of the turntable. And further isolation and damping comes the special feet, developed in conjunction with Harmonic Resolution Systems, the world leader in vibration isolation for audio equipment.

Weight and Damping

UltraDeck features a massive 1.3-inch Delrin® platter. The increased mass creates blacker sonic backgrounds and a lower noise floor. Delrin® is a next-generation polymer developed by Dupont. In the world of audio, Delrin's® highly crystalline structure presents a wonderful impedance match to vinyl records, effectively grounding unwanted noise and keeping it away from the stylus.

The Ultradeck's hardened stainless steel inverted bearing system is designed for smooth, quiet rotational stability. The extremely low tolerance combination of steel, bronze, and sapphire is usually found only in much more expensive turntables.

The well-damped billet aluminum body controls resonances for tight, accurate bass reproduction. The supplied MasterTracker has the lightest-weight magnets in the Tracker Series, delivering the kind of detailed, open performance normally attributed to high-end moving-coil cartridges.

By using a Micro-Line diamond stylus shaped like the cutting head of a record lathe, MasterTracker traces vinyl groove walls with microscopic precision.


  • Ash plinth by Fender® optimized for low resonance
  • 33-1/3 / 45.0 RPM belt-drive turntable
  • Custom design and manufactured in the USA
  • 10-inch MoFi® Ultra Tonearm
  • 1.3-inch Delrin® platter
  • Isolated 300 RPM AC synchronous motor
  • Anti-Vibration feet designed by HRS
  • Iconic 3-Color Sunburst Finish by Fender®


Type: Belt drive

Speeds: 33-1/3, 45 RPM

Motor: 300 RPM AC Synchronous

Platter: 6.8 lb Delrin®

Wow & Flutter: 0.017% – 0.025%

Dimensions: 20.75" x 6" x 15.5"

Weight: 25.5 lb